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  • Hello !

    I'm happy to show you my first game make with Construct !

    This game can be considered as the prototype and prequel to a longer video-game serie on ENKI DIDILA.

    The main idea is to make a puzzle/exploration game, like Myst or Rhem (but also like Dark Souls with its labyrinthine level design), but all in 2D top-down view.

    In this game, we follow Enki (the sumerian god of crafts, knowledge, magic, but also lake water) in his childhood.

    With him we have to explore a mysterious island, in search of hints and strange signs to unlock all the island mechanics, and find with him the way to Magic and Knowledge…

    But in this first game I’ve just test some puzzle mechanics, and try to see how realistic the atmosphere can be in a 2D top-down view in 16 bit, nonetheless you can need an hour to finish it.

    This is also the opportunity to have the first feedbacks, with the idea to start soon the development of the real game.

    You can play it at : ITCH.IO/ENKI-DIDILA

    And vote here : INDIE DB/ENKI-DIDILA

    In this future game I’ll explore more specifically the gameplay potential of exploration.

    It will take place in a huge temple area where we can find place with nothing to do as much as very important place or as secret room.

    All puzzles will just be there for divised the area exploration and offer the pleasure of accessing and discovering new part of the temple.

    An important part of the game experience will be based on the quality of the game atmosphere, to keep the pleasure of long exploration time.

    An other part of the gameplay will develop the idea of an apparently dead ruin that reveal its full of life potential as you progress through the game, revealed by the player interaction with all that surronds him.

    But for now, I can just offer to you this small prototype.

    However, I really hope you’ll spend a good time with it, I’ve done my best for that !

    I look forwards to any feedback you might have on this game !

    See you soon,

    Jules MESSAUD

  • Congrats for your first game with Construct 2

    Its pretty good, remembers me the zelda game


  • Nice!

  • Thank you ! It's really encouraging when people appreciate what you do !

    In view of other feedback, I feel that some puzzles are to statics. I Think that's because of my work on paper.

    Whereas in a video-game, all part can (and must !) be interactive and alive !

    I solve that soon and I update the game.

    Also, I would like to know your progress in the game, to re-balance the difficulty and the clarity of the puzzles :

    There are three parts in the progression : to light the green moon, then the red moon, and the end.

    In view of this points, when did you stop to play ?

    Thank you for your feedback, and see you soon !

  • I like to see have more "hints" on the puzzles

    Gfx is good

  • Hi !

    The game is now updated to V.1.2 !

    Now you can play it at : http://ntrakzs.itch.io/enki-didila

    I’ve re-writed most of the puzzles, and redesign a part of the architecture too, to match with them.

    My first intention was to build a non-so-easy game to offer the player the satisfaction to solve by themselves some difficult puzzles,

    but for that it’s very important to slowly introduce the puzzles logic.

    Otherwise logic will not be understood and puzzles just look to hard for us to have some pleasure to solve them !

    But in this really short game, I don’t have place to slowly built the logic process.

    So I’ve just turned the puzzles in an easier way to offer the pleasure to go to the end. But you’ll see, it’ll not be so easy !

    All this tests and feedbacks help me to built the next game about ENKI DIDILA.

    As it will be really longer to play, I’ll have time and place to properly built the logic process.

    But it will also be the occasion to put all aspects I want to develop in this game !

    • pleasure of non-linear exploration in a large and various labyrinthic area
    • reveal the full of life potential of the surrounding as you progress through the game
    • re-discover the places you’ve already visit with your new abilities and unlock secret room and new area

    I keep you informed when I start to develop this next game !

    Thank you again for your feedback, and see you soon !

  • Nice sound effects

  • Nice sound effects

    I've spend so much time on that !

    I've found most of them on free soundbank, but it take me time to transform them to match with my ideas.

    Thanks !

  • I confirm, it's not easy. I can't pass the first puzzle!!

    Can anyone help me? I really want to see more.

    ntrAkzs For the first puzzle, I think it would be better to be able to activate/deactivate a switch even if the character isn't competely stopped. I always have to press SPACE several times because the hero was still moving a little. It's annoying.

    By the way, it's an intriguing game. I like it so far!

  • Hi !


    I've changed the hero's controls, so he'll stop more quickly now ! Other players find the old control to slow and with an unpleasant delay effect. No?

    I hope it will solve what you're speaking about too.

    I'll add soon another gameplay element : when you can do an action (press a tile or open a door) it'll appear a little sign above your head.

    I'm glad you've enjoyed this game !!!

    What kind of hint do you need ?

    The first thing to do is to find wich square activate in each of the two rooms with water.

  • Wow, I haven't noticed at all the door in the first room. Now I have access to the rest of the island.

    Good thing you have added a interaction GUI above the hero (I don't have in my version)!

  • Now you can really explore the island ! It's not so big but it's bigger than a simple room.

    If you don't solve a puzzle, I can give hints.


    ps : The interaction GUI is for later...

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  • Hi !

    I've submit the game yesterday on IndieDB to present it to a large number of players

    It was already ranked at 650/19000 this morning.

    So I need your help to reach the top100 and have more visibility on the site !

    So, you can go here : indiedb/enki-didila

    A visit on the site will help a lot, and a vote will be awesome !

    Thank you all !

  • To celebrate our 555 plays on Enki Didila's prototype (http://ntrakzs.itch.io/enki-didila), there are some artworks about Enki.

    Graphics work progress a lot and I'll post some in-game screens soon.

    Bye !!!

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