Puzzle/Action platformer: ERASED

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  • Hi Players,

    Let me introduce my puzzle game ERASED. Enjoy your adventure!


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  • very nice

  • Ok first of all the opening sequences are very well drawn (by hand by the look of it) but I didn't like the combination of great watercolor (or pencil) drawn with the generic looking pixel art font inside a square balloon.

    But when I started the game...WOW.

    THAT's how you create a platformer. Familiar yet fresh. Disappearing blocks have been around possibly since before Megaman but when you give the player complete control it transforms a generic platformer into a Gem.

    Level design is great too. It's one thing to be able to invent mechanics but another to actually implement them intelligently and I thought level 1 was brilliant in just introducing the bare minimum. The height of the jump to roughly the same height as 1 block forces the player to really plan out his actions. The range of the jump also makes it perfect for the player to judge if it's worth shooting a pellet or save it for later.

    I can't wait to play through the rest of the game when I find the time.

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