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  • Hey everyone,

    I'm not sure if this is the correct place to post this. I need some people to test my game out then tell me what FPS they get and what browser they are using and what kind of PC they are using.

    I noticed that this works perfectly fine on my PC but it runs slow 30-31~ FPS on my brothers pc (quad core, 16gb ram, 1gb gtx480).

    I am hoping this is just a problem with his pc and not my game. I can't find out why it runs slow on his pc.

    Anyways here it is..



    [1][2] Increase Item Power

    [LeftClick] Throw Item/Grenade towards mouse position

    [SPACEBAR] Detonate Grenades/Use Item


    [R] Reverse Gravity   (Buggy)

    [MouseWheel] Zoom In/Out

    [~][`] Some debug text (Speedo,TopSpeed,Distance)

    .. I have a console coming soon and a level builder.

    This is not the final game, purely a fps test. I am not giving away any part of the game until it is finished so I don't spoil it for anyone :)




    My Specs


    16gb Ram

    i7 2600k Unlocked, (Clocked to 4.2GHZ)

    OCZ Vertex 3 (550 MB/S Read/Write)

    2x GTX 580's


    Google Chrome


    Runs at 60fps spiking to 64fps at times never dropping below 59.


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  • I'm getting 26-29 FPS with IE9 and about 20 FPS with Chrome.

  • 60 fps chrome

  • 60 fps on chrome too ^^ , by the way i didn't like the jump -.- its crazy...

  • About 24 in Firefox, 40-60 in Chrome

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