Pushing C2 to the limits - continous spawn of wave

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  • In my last game The Gong I used a wave creation system to create wave-like effect. Now I decided to put it to the test and squeeze everything out of this system. I thought, that my computer would totally crash after I run it, but NO. I was surprised, how well does the code and renderers work. The test spawns circular waves ever 0.1 seconds and does remarakbly well. It runs 20-50 FPS for me regarding of the location of my turret. Note that each wave consists of 120 bullet type sprites and you would think that it would crash, but it runs quite smoothly and without lagging. I would really appreciate, if someone would test its performance on various mobile devices, to see how does it run on weaker processors. This is very important for my next project, where I am planning to take the wave system even further.

    Here is the link, the upload to the Arcade is broken, so I uploaded it to clay.io.


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