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  • Hey! We have just started working on our new project, we are going to post news there and stuff like that.

    Here is a very short sneek peak, I hope you enjoy it:


    Graphics created by me and MrCorniszon

    Music created by Terriblue

    Follow us on:

    Dino Egg Team's Twitter

    And here is our:


    Currently we are working on more graphics, so there will be update tomorrow.

    Thanks for your time!

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  • that looks cute,...

    love your choice of colours too..

  • mineet

    Thank you for a good word about graphics! That is the main thing we are focusing on, while creating this project so I am glad to hear that.

    I have also seen that you are creating a game too, good luck with it, I will keep an eye on it!

    I'm going to post an update later on and a little story overview.

  • hi Meloo


    I look forward to the update

  • Hey, here is a little DevUpdate, just added some things, nothing big. Working on concepts and core mechanics.

    Also you can hear music in background, that is going to be important part of the game for us, along with the graphics!


    Story is going to be about a young guy Jimmy who woke up someday in a weird place where everything.. well, most of the things are purple and everything looks fairy-tale. So, Jimmy decided to just go straight on.

    Player's goal will be reaching and collecting the purple ball that is located on the end of every level. Of course it won't be that easy.. I hope.

    We are going to release comic page soon, about the story. Also there are coming much more DevUpdate videos and playable demo of course.

    Follow us on Twitter if you want to stay up to date and support us. :)

    Thanks for your time and enjoy!

  • Hey, I got a little concept art for you out there, don't have time for creating a comic page for now. New DevUpdate is coming very soon and then playable prototype as we polish the first level and improve graphics.

    <img src="" border="0" />

    Thanks for your time!

  • Hey! I got a little DevUpdate #2 (mostly graphics improvement) for you out there and next what is coming is fully playable level (this one is just showcase)


    After that I'm also going to create next level that is going to look completely different and also there will be gameplay elements, not just walking from left to right :D

    If you would like to support us, follow us on Twitter:

    It is a really motivating thing for us if we see that we do it for someone


  • The Purple's playable demo is already out. It's an early version though.


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