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  • It's very early and doesn't do much, I figured I'd post updates on here every once in a while. ProjectDL is not the final name and neither is the name of my website (using it for now). Has WASD movement (because I hate using the arrow keys).

    All you can do is move around and shoot the creatures. I put in a debug mode just click CTRL+C to enter and CTRL+X to leave.

    I am also working on versioning; it is not version 1.0, I just put this up there to get some feedback on the animation and progress. I am using the creatures and explosion from the tutorial (I will replace them when I create the images). I am still learning this as well as developing. I come from a programming background in C++ and C#. I actually have an engine I'm working on using DirextX for 2D but I find this MUCH MUCH easier to use. I have already come across several limitations of this engine but since it is also a WIP I have no complaints, enjoy! :)


    <font color="red">Quick Edits & Fixes</font> (until I get my bug tracker and forums working):

    <font color="gray">-Fixed movement (can now move up and down in debug mode, just no animations yet)

    -Fixed debug text

    -Cast animation speed increased

    -Added Magic Missle spell cast with right click</font>

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  • I like the attack animation, it looks really good. I think it could stand to be sped up a little, though. I agree that WASD is the way to go. It was the first thing I learned how to do after getting sprites into my game. I just couldn't test using only the arrow keys.

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