The project CrossingFox is renamed CrossingWorld

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    The project CrossingFox is renamed to CrossingWorld, and announced his departure on Android and iOS in addition to FirefoxOS

    Translated from English to Spanish with Google translator :

    After presenting the title , images and videos were CrossingFox project , a simulator of life inspired by Animal Crossing for the moment taxes to be available only for devices with OS Firefox . It was so good the reception of users to this project, which after conducting various surveys , the developers made ??the choice to launch this title also for Android and iOS platform in addition to its first Firefox OS . First CrossingWorld ( Formerly called CrossingFox ) VAT not aser released on Android and iOS being HTML5 language being developed , which does not mean that Android and iOS are not compatible with HTML5 if the rendimietno taxes to be lower . After deciding the final release as a platform, and will be available for Android , iOS , OS and Web Firefox , the developers made ??some adjustments to the technical and graphical aspect of the game, not only for this reason but because they were designed from its first version some changes to make . Those involved in the drafting of the blog in the group, and we could try a BETA version and felt great result for us . The graphics has changed a 3D view to a 3D isometric linear, and for us the only change has been an improvement since it seems much more striking than the last. Also we could try the online option that would enjoy the project mentioned earlier promotion, we explain all that we could test this BETA version , which although only allows us to begin the game, so you you can do minimal notion of what the game will allow . - Text copied from the official blog : As we begin our departure , we requested to choose a name and set a name to our city CrossingWorld . Once this is complete , go to our small town and there we meet the Lord Mandate , the mayor of our city , we explain a bit how the game works . After this, we teach our house , which we can customize to our liking with the furniture we buy in the store of Stephen Caro. We will pay a mortgage to the City by our house and once paid off our debt, we can expand our house up to 3 times . Later we teach the other establishments of the people as the tavern , museum, City Hall and the Enchanted Forest . What is the enchanted forest ? We can access this area of the town , as long as we are connected to the internet from our device. In this forest , we will find Tortimer , a strange magical creature that lives in the forest , which we explain in this forest are sometimes exclusive items , visitors surprise and some surprises . This would be the Online option from which talk at the beginning of the project, we know that a multiplayer option was ruled out from the beginning at least for this first version of CrossingWorld . Objects as an easel , will allow us to paint our own pictures and then sell in the store of Stephen Caro. The computer , for example , will allow us to make purchases online . We write to other neighbors and those we write to us, and with the option of the enchanted forest , occasionally receive surprise cards . We must be attentive to the sky on our departure , as we often see shooting stars which give us unique rewards if we click on them . We find snow in winter , the sweltering summer sun and so on according to the season in which we find ourselves. This title is inspired by the famous momentum Animal Crossing series may not have the same benefits , but it sure will give us lots of fun in our Smartphone and Tablets .

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