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You are a wanted criminal and have to escape the police for as long as you can!
  • Hey Construct community!

    Let's start out with a video and a few images to whet your appetites.

    Get your mops ready, because the Pro Janitor Police are hitting the streets! Take out crazy mutant enemies like Fow Cow, Manateagle, overgrown Cockroaches and other atrocities that have evolved from a failed science experiment at Lowman High School. As Mitch Hammer, leader of the Pro Janitor Police, your mission is to take out the source of the infection, E-267; codename, Ogly. With your faithful comrades, Daryl and April, fight your way through 10 levels of insane mutant action.


    • Choose between three playable characters with unique abilities and differentiating fighting styles to complete your goals
    • Each of the characters have their own story line and can do things the others can't in levels
    • Collect Urinal Cakes for added bonuses
    • Weapon upgrades for your arsenal
    • 10 levels of fast-paced, platforming, beat-em-up action
    • Alpha releasing for PC


    Anthony from AdaptivElite here! Our second game, Pro Janitor Police, is gearing up for its Alpha release today/tonight! We have been hard at work getting it as ready as possible, but there have been some set backs which has put our official release date at a later time. Therefore, we decided to go ahead, and get out what we have so that we can get community feedback and improve upon the game as we go. Welcome to the Alpha phase of Pro Janitor Police!

    So what we are doing here is basically releasing the game early at a price point of $2.50, which will be available for download on our website shortly. (Will post a response to this thread). It's sad because we really wanted to have it done today. To make up for it, we decided to do some prizes and giveaways for the upcoming week! You can check out our Facebook page for all of the details about everything, but here's a quick breakdown.

    Throughout the week, we are going to have pop-up prizes of $10 dollars in iTunes gift cards! But you are going to have to like our Facebook page and follow us, because they are going to be random posts on Facebook and Facebook only. (Unless you have twitter, in which case you might see the link back to the Facebook page. :D)

    The other giveaway we are doing is a random drawing for Steam Wallet Credit and a Grand-prize of a League of Legends Care Package! If you want to get in on it, buy our game for 2.50, which you will have access to free updates for life and avoid spending the $4.99 it will become once its officially ready. After you pick up a copy of the game, tweet "@adaptivelite Pro Janitor Police engaged!" We will pick three winners and announce them on Friday, October 18th, on Facebook. There are two $20 Steam Wallet Credit prizes, and the grand League of Legends prize, which has a Fist Bump paper pad, a rubber LoL bracelet, a Rammus Keychain, $10 League of Legends prepaid card, a Rammus Hat, a Teemo Hat, and a $20 Steam Wallet Credit! Holy Fowcows!

    Yes, I know it's a bit over the top, but we thought it would be in good form, and show that we care about our users. And we think you'll like our game as well!

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