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  • Hello

    This is my vary first game ever. I have no background with coding or making games what so ever and i praise Scirra for giving me this opportunity. Its made in the free version and holds 99 events. I just moved (and pretty much broke right now) so i need the wait for my pay check to buy the personal version and expand on it. Its not tweaked yet and i would love some feedback on it. Please give it a shot and tell me what you think. Controls and more details can be found below.

    Play it here:

    <img src="" border="0" />

    Old video from last week



    W - trust

    S - Brake

    A - Rotate left

    D - Rotate right

    Shift - Booster

    Space - Rocket

    LMB - Shoot

    RMB - Mining laser

    1 - Shield booster

    2 - not in use

    3 - not in use

    4 - not in use

    5 - not in use

    The game

    Its currently a wave based game. Every time you kill an enemy fighter it gets +1 to its HP and will respawn after 10 seconds. The goal atm is to get a high score. Fighters will give a score corresponding with their HP while battleships give a flat 100 points. Battleships have no drops atm.

    When the fighter hits 15, 20, 30, 40 and finally 50 HP a (boss) Battleship will enter the system. They are currently pretty hard to beat. If you manage to get the fighters at 50 HP a Battleship will spawn every time you kill one. Good luck with that.

    Items / Weapons / Drops / Stars & planets


    The star has a gravity pulling you in depending on how close you are. You may have to use your booster if you get to close. Hitting it won't kill you instantly but it ignores shields and will cost you 20 armor points.


    Planets have a small gravity range and pull but enough to get into orbit. They can disturb your orbit around the sun and slingshot you around. Hitting a planet will cost you 10 armor and ignores shields.

    Trust booster

    The booster can be activated by holding down shift. It will double your trust but will also consume energy in the process. Good for braking, turning or getting away.

    Shield Booster

    The shield booster is located in slot 1. By pressing the corresponding number key you will activate/deactivate it. It will recharge your shields consuming energy in the process. I would highly recommend using it often.


    Rockets are located in the secondary weapon slot (rockets are currently the only secondary weapon) and are fired with space. They will target enemy fighters and battleships. You can buy more at the starbase. Still a bit bugged.

    Metal drops

    Enemy fighters will drop some metal when they are destroyed. You can use this to buy more rockets or armor at the starbase. Needs to be fine tuned. Really like some feedback on this.

    Mining laser

    The mining laser is used to pick up metal drops from enemy fighters.


    Approach the starbase to open the shop. The starbase has a powerful shield and will withstand any enemy attack. Because of this enemies will keep a save distance and will wait until you leave the safety of the starbase.

    Planed features

    • More Solar systems
    • Galaxy map
    • Landing on planets
    • Planet maps and battles
    • Mining bases on planets / colonies (maybe)
    • More enemies
    • Improved enemy AI
    • More items
    • More weapons
    • Different ships
    • Ship customization (maybe! do want!)
    • New sprites
    • New Interface
    • Better graphics

    Sorry for the long post but i just wanted to give you guys the details. I also wanted to write it down so i could use it later for a tutorial or something. Anyway please give it a go and tell me what you think of my first game ever!

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  • I just watched the video on my phone.

    Good job.

    I will take a stab at the game after work.

    Have fun.

  • Semo this is a great game considering it's your first!

    I like your attention to detail,and it's clear you have put a lot of thought and effort into this,the menus,weapon systems and alerts are all very well done.

    I think the features you have planned,would make this a game something pretty special.

  • Thanks :)

    I've been spending my time making little test builds. Already have a better shop mechanic and i'm currently working on ship customization. Going to keep it simple though.

    I'm also looking for somebody who is willing to help with graphics. New sprites, interface, backgrounds that sort of thing. If you are interested please send me a PM.

  • So what Semo?

  • I love that space parallax effect, and the rocket navigation is smooth. The sun is surprisingly ... bonky, of course. =P Is it at all practical to add in some sort of gravitic effect around the planet/sun?

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