PRE PiANO - first release with 3D keys! :)

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  • I am very impressed with C2!

    Because of the scaling and screen sizes, I was hesitant to use 3D artwork for my PRE PiANO app.

    But, to my amazement, C2 handles the job beautifully and I am very happy with how this app is shaping up.

    A few more tweaks and I will submit it to Google Play and iTunes.

    Tested with Samsung Galaxy Note 3 and iPad Air as well as Firefox and Google Chrome.

    Note: The four buttons are not yet functional because ....

    I appreciate your feedback and suggestions (my eyes are not what they used to be).



    App link:

    If something else comes up just refresh your browser.


    The X C V B N and M keyboard keys can now play the songs which are generated when the black dots are touched / clicked.

    .... already working on the trumpet

  • Wow very good design for the notes congrats.

    Keep working in this.


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  • katzin

    thanks. I will (keep working).

    The really amazing thing is that when I started to learn C2, I figured that I need to say good bye to my 3D rendered gfx artwork because C2 won't be able to scale it.

    But, I was wrong. No matter how I resize, the keyboard doesn't "break" (for the lack of a better word).

    Flash is much less forgiving. If you magnify the images, you will get pixelation and the other way around is a mess too.

    I am very motivated to work on my trumpet next.

    So much to do ... so little time. I need happy helpers .... like Santa! ha ha ha

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