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    I used Construct 2 to prototype a mobile game for my 2 year old daughter. Developing it in Construct helped me to prove out a simple concept of it in about 2 days and convince a programmer to take on the project. The finished product was created in Unity mainly because I wanted to use 3D assets but you can see on the following screenshot, the final version stayed pretty close to the initial concept.

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    Here�s the prototype and the capx if anyone�s interested in checking it out.   

    Theres some code in the capx that might be useful, like a brute force way to scale the game to fit different resolutions, using a loop for a debug menu and fading from one screen to the next.

    The game itself is pretty simple. Since it's made for toddlers, my main design goal was to be able to tap almost anywhere on the screen and something will happen.

    Here's the trailer for the game

    If you want to demo it, the free versions let you play around with one environment and locks the others. There are no ads or anything in it.

    App Store

    Google Play

    Thanks for checking it out!

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