PoP! (the fantastical bubble popping adventure)

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  • PoP! is a magical and wondrous food factory, full of mouth-watering and deliciously delightful treats. And it's now available (for free) on WP8 & Win 8:

    WP8 ver: http://www.windowsphone.com/en-gb/store/app/pop/eea26ee0-1379-4bf2-a05e-e292d61fdc66

    Win8 ver: http://apps.microsoft.com/windows/en-gb/app/pop/f5bec976-a10e-4a2a-aee9-7e65a7ba4f75

    Help professor Gumdrop to collect all of the scrumptious foods on offer! And create new and exciting foods, such as Candy Apple Cream Pie, Tripleberry Sundae, or even Chocolate Fudgleberry Cake. But don't play if you're on a diet... The excitement may just be too much to handle!

    Pop as many bubbles as you can, to release the tasty food inside. Drop the food into the blitz-o-matic 5000, to create fantastic new food combinations. Score bonus points by popping the same food type, or colour 3, 4 or 5 times in a row! And watch out for the special bonus items displayed in the bonus box!

    Opening screen

    Classic mode

    Arcade mode

    We hope you like it!

  • Blacksmith your food assets look great! I am building a "food" based game right now and most of the assets I am using for it is open license clip art (since I am more of a programmer than designer).

    Did you design the food assets yourself? If so would you be interested in licensing them or drawing some more?

  • Thanks MrGoatsnake, we're glad you like the look of the game.

    Yes it's all our own original artwork, and we'd like to keep the game as unique as possible. So I don't think we'd be able to license the images.

    We often find it difficult to create good art as well. Our team artist is only able to work part time for us. So it often seems to take forever to get things done For example, we currently have several games ready to go, but we don't have images that are good enough to allow us to release them. So we're often in the same position as you.

    We'd like to offer something back to the community though. So we'll see if we can put some different food images together, and post them for free.

    Hope that helps

  • Blacksmith congrat for you game !!! and awesome grafic work !! two questions , if you dont mind

    # what software you have used for making this awesome grafics

    # what wrapper you used to host that game i.e cocoonjs or intelsdk


  • Nice job!, awesome graphics.

  • Thanks samblack, glad you like it!

    We use Adobe illustrator for most of our graphics work. PoP! is currently only available on WP8 & Win 8, so we haven't had to worry about wrappers yet. But during testing I've been using CocoonJS. It certainly seems to perform better than Crosswalk, for us at least!

    Hope that helps you!

  • Thanks iceangel, we appreciate the support

  • Wow, just had some great news!

    'PoP!' has been featured in the 'Indie Game Spotlight' section, on the UK Windows Phone Store

  • Blacksmith Congrats!

  • Thanks MrGoatsnake

  • Fantastic news!

    We received an email to say that PoP! will be featured in both the UK & Canadian Windows Phone Stores. It'll be featured on the 30th June, so if you live in either of those countries, keep an eye open for it!

  • Cool Stuff!

    Our first month on WP, and we've already received over 5000 DL's

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  • Blacksmith , me as well uses adobe illustrator for my games, but since I'm 14 and I don't have great art skills, I make them acceptable! I guess your game artist takes alot of time drawing one graphic! since he added shadings, lighting, gradient, and effects! I only do the graphics & add shading to save time

  • Hey Naji,

    Yeah working on our graphics does take a lot of time, but we hope the extra effort is worth it! We have a great artist, and she works very hard to make our images look good.

    Sounds like you're off to a good start, and you're familiarising yourself with the right tools. Just keep on practising, and things will get better and better!

  • PoP downloads are still going strong on WP, and we're being featured in the US phone store again tomorrow

    Also check out this cool review on WP Central (http://www.wpcentral.com/pop-food-factory-review), thanks Paul Acevedo

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