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  • I am pleased for me to introduce my new game :

    Pop It !

    a game that will make you pop !

    Relax and explode bubbles where you want, when you want !

    Simple and easy to handle but hard to get out, play against the time and chain bubbles.

    Get through a flood of bubbles, and unlock new worlds that will put you out of breath, all that in graphic atmospheres modern and relaxants. You will like popping bubbles !

    An essential, cool and good game totally free, play it everywhere without any ads !

    Are you ready to take on it ?

    • 3 universes of bubbles to get rid off, including a exclusive level

    • Simple and relaxing game

    • Spice up your game with awesome powerup

    • Increasing difficulty and experience

    • Full HD graphics and effects

    • Synchronisation on all your Android devices

    Download it on Google Play : https://play.google.com/store/apps/deta ... udio.popit

    Share us on social networks !

    Facebook : facebook.com/Pop-It-437279369980199/

    Twitter : twitter.com/iyenal222

    Developed with C2 and compiled with Cocoon IO.

    Feedback are welcome ! Thanks !

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