Please test my game on a iPhone 4

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  • I tried testing it on my iPhone 3G, but it was very slow and unplayable. The player sprite was all messed up.

    Note: This is not a complete game.

    Thank you so much for your co-operation!

  • i test that on iphone 4/ios 5.1.1 and give you my feedback ! what is you ios version ?

    Ok i try to use it ... and it's really unplayable and with big issues.

    I not sure this kind of game can be good on a iphone using ios browser because it's too slow for that.

    It's never good to make a game for a desktop browser and then try to move it on mobile ... so don't focus on mobile i'm sure you will loose too many time to have something never really playable.

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  • What kind of game did you mean?


    I can try using appMobi and directConvas to speed it up.

    And, I'm not creating the game for PC, I'm creating it mainly for mobile phones.

    Is there any platformer based games made with Construct 2 for Android/iOS?

  • I think a game with big animated sprites ... perhaps try first a little game with a 16 px x 16 px player sprite and a single tiledbackground ... and if all that is working well increase quality by little step and add parallax effect and all special effect after that. Read all tips on forum to improve fps on ios mobile is important too. If working like that is more easy to find why something is not working properly and everytime you get some lags after adding something new trying another method to solve only one problem at a time.

    Making a mobile game is a war because after adding a single sprite object or using a bad method to do something you can have huge fps drop.

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