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  • Hello People

    I would like you to review my game, if any of you are interested.

    My game has a to big screensize for ARCADE. So i would really like to know how the game state is doing.

    Kind regards

    Steen Osterby

  • Hey, I like the presentation, good colors and placement.

    I played it maybe 10 times and couldn't get past the first level, but I did learn more each time so I wanted to try again.

    It's tricky to steer that thing, but I guess that's half the game right? mastering the controls? Sometimes however a manuever would correct me properly and sometimes it wouldn't.

    I wasn't sure when I was getting restocked on gas or not. are there other platforms or do you get a bonus when rescue somebody?

    sometimes Bombs won't deploy but they are still taken out of your ammo. I could never rescue the guy in the bottom right of the first level because I could never get a bomb to deploy down there.

    Turrets seem to have too much health. I sat there firing for a while and eventually destroyed it, but had nearly run out of gas doing so so i had to restart. Either make them easier to kill, easier to dodge, a method of blocking or outrunning them maybe? Consider using the mouse as an aiming reticle, left click for primary fire, right click for bombs. Frees up the hand from getting to clustered in one little spot (even though you have alt keys mapped)

    When I died it took me back to level select. Invariably the level 1 button wouldn't do anything. Maybe it was loading? but nothing told informed me whether it was a good selection or bad. I would put a little blip for yes, here we go to that level, and e little blip for sorry this level is locked as player feedback. I usually just went back to the title and restarted from there.

    Maybe a number showing how many to be rescued vs a bar of completion would help players gauge just how many they need to rescue so as to help them decide how aggressively they may or may not want to play.

    So I want to see the other levels. I dig these kind of skill games if it seems like I have enough control to eventually master or overcome surprise obstacles. But that bomb deploy "bug" is preventing me I think.

    So the core game is a lot of fun, it's all about the player feedback and other polish items now IMO.

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  • I really like this game idea! :)

    I had no problems with destroying the turret when shooting it from the front. But I couldn't manage to destroy it while being above it and shooting down on it.

    Though I passed the level on my fourth try when I'd understood what I was supposed to do :P So I think the difficuly level is quite good :)

  • Thanks alot guys that helped.

  • 1: Turrets seem to have too much health -> That is part of the game. Otherwise it gets to easy.

    2: boms are now active by pressing "B" or "Down Arrow".

    3: When I died it took me back to level select -> Fixed so that you restart the level.

    Any other review are welcome -)

  • Its on purpose that you do not know how man mine worker that are left showing by numbers. But with a progressbar. A little bit of stress factor.

  • Can someone please test this game. I need more reviews

    kind regards


  • i really closed the game because the control is too difficult to me ... if this can be fixed ill would play more , also i couldn't find anything after i tried it some time i took a small man and thats it o.o

  • Anyone else with a little review

    it helps alot when i can get some good quality input

  • I think the controls should be little easier. Maybe up arrow: go up, left arrow: rotate counterclockwise, arrow right: rotate clockwise and spacebar: go forward. This reminds me of back to the future movies.

  • You need to create code to keep that ship upright. Player should be able to fly the ship as a helicopter or a harrier fighter jet moves. Otherwise good idea and execution!

  • pretty cool. nice and smooth

  • nice idea! :)

    the controls could've been a bit better tho, otherwise its great

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