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  • Hi community.

    i made this game over the last month now and i lost any point of view but mine . i cant tell if this has potential or not and stuff.

    so please play until the demo ends and tell me the truth . if its worth continue this or just leave to other projects.

    So. The main "unique" feature will be the snapline that you can use when you press SHIFT . it will show you where the girl is.

    i know it can be improved and i am working on the details now.

    Heres the basic setup :

    • Controls = WASD SPACE
    • SHIFT = Show where the girl is
    • ESC = Pause Menu (for pause / Save and Load)
    • Blue blocks will heal you / Red blocks will hurt you . simple huh ?

    Here is the demo link :



  • It's nice to play, but 8-bit... i don't like 8-bit anymore.

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  • Hey burningcake,

    Tried your game, and it's pretty good! Of course you've already mentioned that everything still needs a bit more work. But it's definitely moving in the right direction!

    I think the concept is good, and the characters are fun and likeable!

    The line of sight to Ouh is a nice touch. Might be nice if at the start of a level, you hold down shift (for the first time) and the camera pans over to Ouh, then back to Douh to start the level!

    Good luck with it, I look forward to seeing how it progresses   <img src="smileys/smiley1.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

  • RickUSBstick

    well its true that there are maybe too many 8bit styled games but thanks for playing!


    nice to hear mate i heared this before (that camera swipe effect ) so i made the snapline feature. maybe i should do it like you said .

    also thank you for defining my characters as lovely :)

    i will post here again when i finished my tasks !

  • I would say its a prototype and it needs allot of work

  • I would say its a prototype and it needs allot of work

    what exactly!

  • Very liked your game Congratulations

    Wonder where the Sprites created your game??

  • looky , what do you mean ?

  • Wow, Very unique idea ..

    You should definitely continue working on it ..

    I'd say to slow the movement down (Both player's graphics and his animation)(Unless it was meant to be like that)

    You should think about changing the font, too.

    And when he touches "Ouh" you should make him fall on the ground(If he touches her from up)(And you should make the animations stop when pressing right and left)

    That's all i can say.

    Good luck.


    Hadzy Hayman

  • Not a problem at all.

  • everything fixed . will throw the next demo oit soo thank you all guys !!!!

  • The story reminds me of Super Meat Boy!

    Something you can change is the movement sound effect, if you have it like

    If Character is Moving > Play Sound Effect

    add also If Character is on Ground.

    Overall very nice, keep up the good work!

  • Cute Graphics.

    I really don't like how it disables my mouse on the screen.. makes me feel helpless.

    It has potential!

  • i really liked the 8-bit style and music

    keep doing your work

  • quick update !

    I fixed all the stuff and will build new levels and go on on the story now.

    Its a bit hard atm to get time for this game because i do the music for Wrangler s dungeon buster and i am busy with school too.

    will keep you all updated if you are interested

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