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  • Hello everyone,

    I want to present to you my new game: Black 'N White!

    In this game your goal is to avoid the obstacles and score as high as possible!

    The game is linked to Google Play, wich allows you to unlock achievements and place yourself on the first position on the world wide rankings!

    The game is available on google play.

    https://play.google.com/store/apps/deta ... blackwhite

  • I would love to hear what i can do better from you guys!

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  • This caught my eye, because I'm working on something very similar...not quite the same though! I enjoyed that you took a simple idea and followed it through to completion to publish on Google Play. I think that's the best method starting out.

    I liked the simple graphics and gameplay. I also liked the button icons...clean and professional.

    A couple of criticisms: I think the dot should get up to speed faster when I touch the screen...you know, accelerate just a bit more quickly. And then when I let go, I feel like the dot should stop quicker, and not keep sliding as much before it stops. Maybe this was intentional, so you can certainly keep it the way it is. But, I feel that I would be more in control if these changes were made.

    I also wanted to mention that on the settings screen, it says Comming soon instead of Coming soon.

    Good job, though!

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