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  • game I made to see if i could create an unbeatable pong AI. It has some flaws and opponent can be defeated due to the speed the racket moves however it is generally quite solid.


  • Hi,

    I've just tried your game and it's cool. Few things :

    • I ended up trading shots with the AI without moving. The ball were stuck in endless 0 degree collision. Maybe you should add a small random angle variation when colliding.
    • AI seems to just follow the ball coordinates without anticipation and shake around ball y value.
    • If you include racket movement speed in reflexion angle calculation, you can create a more dynamic feeling.
  • Glad you liked it, I am aware of the issues you raised. Fixed all issues you raised apart from simulating a human like movement, collision detection also causes some problems.

    many thanks :)

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  • Nice, although I did manage to get 2 past him. Or is it a her....:)?

  • Seems like it just uses raytracing to get where the ball will be. I think for ai to be fun you need to give the impression at least that its not "cheating" which is essentially what its doing.

    Also having the ball fire from the halfway line to start is a bit unfair since if you can't get the paddle to it in time the ai gets the point for not doing anything. If its serving it should start from the ai paddle. In Pong the ball is stuck to the paddle until you press the mouse in which case it is released, this allows you to created the angle of shot against your opponent.

  • Clearly the game is not really fun if you intend to win. :p But maybe you could turn things around and call your game "1 player pong TRAINING". For example the game would be to not take any ball in some amount of time.

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