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  • I just made this minimalistic puzzle game in a week.

    Rules are simple but it's quite brainteasing.

    Why don't you try?

    - Play on Web browser

    - Available on Google Play Store

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  • I downloaded this and tried it on my Nexus 7 and it worked flawlessly, I would say. It was very easy and fast to jump in and out of various menus, or head directly to playing the game. Restarting the game, after failing, was also super-easy. The game itself was a bit confusing to me but it's probably because I didn't take too much time to learn what to do. I did check out the help section, but then eventually just ended up pressing one location until I died and had to restart.

    It reminded me a bit of that countdown timer on the Predator's arm as the symbols and rules were a bit too cryptic and I wasn't sure what to do. Still, if you made this in a week, that's incredible. I really liked how you did the transparent layers for sliding up to play or right to access the help menu.

  • punkineo Thanks for the review. Puzzle design was a kind of simple one, so I could make it in a short period. I also tried to make menus unique a bit, so I'm really appreciated by your reply.

    I agree that 'help' section is too cryptic, making people confused, so I'm gonna make some change about it. If Ludei or Crosswalk updates Google Game Service, then I'll update it with leaderboards.

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