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  • Demo of my project game

    Don't hesitate to vote, comment the game on arcade and/or leave a post here.


  • That was pretty impressive, I really like the main character. My fav animation was the running jump.

    Graphically its awesome, technically there is a couple of movement bugs. If you hold X and do a running jump and let go of the up arrow while jumping - when he lands he is no longer running despite the fact you are holding x.

  • Hello,

    Thank you for your comment :), yes in fact there are some bugs, I started a week ago with construct2 ...

    I think it's really fantastic because construct2 you can share your creation on multiple media, and it is simple to learn.

    I already have a full game and all levels and history, sounds ect ...

    Now I have to develop the game with construct2 ... lol

    I'll do some cleaning in the file capx, put the link to download capx, if you want to help me or see the file.

    thanks for your comment

  • Might want to take a look at Spriter, a multi-image editor designed specifically for this type of animation.

    Plugin for C2 is in the works.

  • If at some point in the future you need help im sure there will be a few people happy to give it (myself included). But im also pretty sure you will pick it up quickly if thats how far you got in a week.

    What might help is Telles Sandbox demo in the arcade (he has the cap included) - I havent actually broken it down yet but it has many poses kind of similar to your setup.

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  • Cool animation man. We're now waiting on more stuff ^^. Keep working on your game man. I really loved the game design. I'm waiting to see the enemies.

  • Thank you very much for the comments

    I'm going to head to arcade ....

    I hope you will be there ...

    yes there will be bad guys in the game (lol), but there will also be the reflection on the character itself;)

    I post the capx in two days ... I change the apartment (I moved) ...

    Thank you everyone, see you later


  • Very, VERY impressive!

    But can you please add FPS counter? Because look like productivity need to be optimized.

  • <img src="smileys/smiley1.gif" border="0" align="middle" />


    The demo and the capx is available on Arcade:

    Thank you to everyone

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