Platform-R (Roguelike Platformer - Alpha status)

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  • Demo:


    -Shoot: W,A,S,D

    -Movement: Arrow-Keys (Double-Jump possible)

    -Special: E


    -more levels

    -more enemies

    -more items


    -random level without repetition


  • I updated it and added some more levels. Any opinions/feedback is highly appreciated ;)

  • Nice work! Here are my suggestions and what I noticed:

    • Sometimes enemies get stuck on walls and do a little vibrating bounce.
    • I encountered one level 3 times in a row, perhaps make sure, for example, if lastLevel == nextLevel then increment nextLevel?
    • No sound. I don't mind for a start, but even a nice little "pew pew" sound would be nice :)

    Otherwise, good start! I like the enemy variations and arcade style, as well as the occasional breaks from combat. :)

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  • thanks for your feedback! those three things you mentioned will hopefully be fixed in a future version! For now I have a new version with new HUD, more equipment, special-equipment, more levels and bugfixes! hf! :)

  • No prob. :) And sounds good!

    *high five*

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