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  • Not really planning on making a sonic game so much as just found it fun grabbing the velocity from the platforming movement and translating into forces in physics - still to make a much larger level and add scrolling for a greater sense of speed.

    It'll be some kind of mashup between Chemical plant from Sonic, Angry Birds, and marble madness. :)

    Click image to launch

  • Hmm, think I'm doing something wrong- or the engine is a little iffy on concave collision boxes

    <img src="" border="0" />

    Was trying to make a bathtub curve to accelerate the ball.

    Is this possible? Are there other ways to create collision?

  • Made some progress - still trying to figure out angles/relative positions etc one the physics.

    For example the green bouncer things.

    I also want to destroy instances of objects when they are spinning too fast/hit the walls too fast, is this possible? When you create a new event you can't actually test the speed/rotation of a physics object directly, leading to messy instance variables and foreach loops.

  • Okay, GFX update, my placeholders aren't sufficiently compelling. :)

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  • About the physics curve problem.

    Have u tried adding collision points to the ball itself?

    Making its own curve really smooth.

    Or have u tried changing the basic setting of the balls collision mask to "circle" instead?

  • Yeah, I used a circle mask - it's not the ball so much as the environment, was wondering if there were something more complex for background objects, other than just hiding the ball and simulating the effect with animation.

  • Here's the latest.

    I thought I'd make a dial just for bug-testing, as it turns out it seems to miss some angles out - just turning the sprite to face the mouse when clicked and grab the angle, then to compensate for the fact 0 facing positive X and not positive y vector.

    Harder than I thought!

    Drag the dial to the 11 o'clock position or higher to make the bouncing pads more effective.

    Click image to load. Cursors move, down makes you roll, up makes you gain platform control back.

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