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  • So this is the game I was working on for the competition (easy to tell from it's space theme), but didn't make it there due to some prety bad crashes that hopefully [EDIT--ment thankfully] Ashley fixed. Nothing of a polished work.

    If the music seems to double play please refresh to save your ears from the damage :-P. Dunno why it's happening.

    Play Planet Omega



    Goal of the game is to evacuate as many "Omegans" as possible before planet Omega is destroyed (and it will). To do this you must collect resources from broken commets, build defences, auto-collector and ultimately send evacuation ships away.

    You control your fighter/gatherer ship by W,A,S,D. Space to fire. Hold Shift over planet to deliver resources.

    Your ship can hold up to 4 resources at a time, so you must deliver.

    Hold presing "Q", is pause/build menu where you can:

    -Build turret (black circles on perimeter)|Cost:10

    -Build Auto Gatherer, which every resource in it's area is collected for you (The 4 "x" spots around Omega)|Cost:10

    -Build an Evacuation Ship (White arrows around Omega)|Cost:6

    Each Evacuation Ship holds 10% of population.

    Each small commet destroys 10% of population.

    Big ones destroy 20%.

    Evacuation ship is vulnerable even to friendly fire.

    Last but not least, the white ring (mouse) is also used to aim commets at long range. The closest turret will fire anything in the Long Range Spot.

    I guess thats too much for a simple game like this...<img src="smileys/smiley36.gif" border="0" align="middle">

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  • Just edited the post with a more pronounced link. Maybe people were searching for alink in all that text. :-p

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