Planet N-32

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  • Hello,

    I've completed my second game using construct 2.

    You are sent on a mission to rescue crew members on an alien planet.

    You need to fly your way through obstacles and enemies.

    Hope you like it! ... index.html

  • I really enjoyed the game. Game play was smooth and fun. The puzzles were just challenging enough to make me work for it. Keep up the good work.

  • Thank you for the kind words Fragfather!

    Anything you would change/add/remove in the game?

  • I usually prefer to give a constructive critique when I play through a game. I don't think comments like mine above are really that helpful. However, I couldn't find a single thing about the game I could have suggested to make it better.

    Since you asked, there may be 1 thing you could add. You could make the first few levels into a tutorial of sorts. I read the tutorial you had before playing and it told me all I needed but, if it was build into the game play it could really add to the game. Just a thought. Aside from that, I have nothing to say that I think would make it better.

  • Ok fair point, I heard other people saying the tutorial could use some work.

    Thank you for taking the time to reply.

  • theweirdone I would also add some keyboard/mouse support for the game, it was really hard to play with the mouse clicking on the arrows

  • I think this is a very nice game. Only a couple notes:

    Bombs generally count down instead of up. So 3...2...1..0... boom would be better

    I felt the gravity was too strong, As soon as you stop touching thruster, you begin to fall down very fast. I think a smoother effect on gravity would be better. Currently to fly straight right, player has to tap thrusters in quick succession.

    And finally, while going left and right, it would be nice if the capsule tilted to sides slightly, I understand lateral thrusters do the job, but still a little bit of sway could make it feel more realistic instead of stiff.

    I loved the graphics, level design, concept, everything!

  • Simple and funny game

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  • Gfigueroa: definitly not easy with the mouse

    Windwalker: finding the right balance between thrust and gravity was a tough one, people testing the game had different opinions on this. So I guess It won't please everyone.

    Good point on the leaning of the ship.

    Iceangel: that was the plan, simple and fun!

    Overall I'm happy that you guys like the style and gameplay.

    I think I'll use the same framework for my next project, static levels, retro graphics, etc...

  • Mate this is quite nice game to play. I like it very much. I just check your jump game too and it is also delicous. What about those graphics? Did you make them yourself?

  • Wow I really had a lot of fun with this charmingly simple game!

    +Simple and clean graphic design

    +Good stage design

    +Difficulty Increased at a very friendly pace

    -The tutorial should pop up when starting the game, no exceptions! I nearly exited the game before even getting a chance to play it.

    +/- More difficulty options per stage would nice. (faster speed?) Something that can contribute to the replayability of the game. Though I had fun, the game did end relatively fast.

    Hope to see more! =]

  • Wow! Very nice game! Would love to see it as an android app or something. Keep up the good work!

  • Can i public your game on my new site on facebook 'independent game developers' ?

  • Ean: Thank you, I agree it's not a very long game.

    Neondev: Thank you! I'm looking at various option for publishing.

    Delgado: Please don't. I have it in review on FGL and hope to sell some licenses.

  • I love the art work! great JOB! do you create on request? for $$$ of-course

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