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  • Plague hunter is an indie platformer game in the dark fantasy vein. In the game you’ll be using sword and gun to cut your way through hordes of zombies and other terrible monsters, avoiding deadly traps.

    • Oldschool gameplay
    • A variety of monsters
    • Battles with giant bosses that require tactics
    • Stylish graphics
    • Character upgrade
    • And the most important thing: your character has no lifebar. Any hit you don’t block will be lethal.



  • The game looks gorgeous! It seems like a game that I would really enjoy, except for one thing... I personally dislike the one hit kill style games, especially in games with engaging boss encounters. Other then that it looks amazing.

  • This actually looks freakin great. Nice job !

  • Amazing. We need do a new CLASSICVANIA game.

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  • Looks really good. One thing though. Like so many other new platformers out there this seems to suffer from floaty character movement decease by the look of the trailer. The character moves without any weight. So I would strongly recommend to make the character jump and fall faster. Also by adding acceleration to falls it makes jumps from higher heights feel a lot tighter.

    Quick example of what I mean:

    This example has far from perfect controls but I hope you understand what I mean. When I jump over an enemy projectile for example I don't want to float around in the air like I'm on the moon, no I want to land quickly on the ground again and continue the action

    The graphics and bosses look epic so it would be a shame if floaty controls broke the illusion. I usually don't put this much time in my feedback but I see potential in your game so I had to But with that being said I wish you the best of luck and the game looks awesome!

    And I voted yes

  • Thanks, for a piece of good advice.

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