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  • Exactly how it sounds,I hope to incorporate my favorite systems from RPGs into a funny side scrolling platformer.

    Test it out here!

    <center>Want to see how I did something

    CAPX here!</center>

    I RECOMMEND GAME PAD (360 Controller if possible, other pads may or may not work)



    D-Pad Left/Right Moves

    A Jumps

    D-Pad Down Crouches

    Crouching and Moving Crawls

    Right Trigger Runs

    Hold Left Bumper to show Backpack

    While in backpack Equip with A and navigate with D-Pad Unequip items with Y.


    Arrows Left/Right Move

    X Jumps

    Holding Down Arrow Crouches

    Crouching and Moving Crawls

    Z Runs

    Hold Left Shift to show Backpack

    While in backpack Equip with X and navigate with Arrow Keys Unequip items with C.

    All art so far was made directly in Construct (except for the lamp lighting) lol and I'm not the best pixel artist but I like it and it gets the job done. Hope you like what I have so far.

    Next To Do: Add AI.

  • UPDATE: Added when you strike the idle test dummy he gets struck by lightning and his head blows up a second strike finishes him off.

  • hey LoganJFord

    the game look really nice graphically speaking, but some ppl ( me included) dont have a game pad :(

  • Hey this is a great start! I think the style is nice and I always like when people make C2 games with gamepad support. That being said, I think you should also add keyboard controls - you lose potential players this way.

  • You have a nice start there ! Only a couple of things should be pointed at, as far as controls are concerned :

    1- Why have your contextual actions and jump on the same button ? Loot could be done with only the botton arrow and climbing with the up and down arrows.

    2- Generally crawl is a movement mode you activate with B or with the left stick click. I think at least that's the standard with controllers.

    Good luck moving forward,


  • Thanks for the input guys Keyboard controls will be added in later but like most platformers best experience will require a pad which is why I'm knocking out the core experience fisrt.

    and as for controller layout or controller schemes they are just in place for testing they will definitely change later.

    More Updates to come soon been working on it everyday love doing it.

  • UPDATE: Added keyboard support. (Temporary controls, I Recommend Game Pad)

    Tweaked Controls Check top of page for new controls.

  • gamepad works only into chrome, not firefox.

    Clinbing ladder is very strange no ? ^^

  • any chance to get the capx?

    i really need some basic rpg stuff :(

  • lol the ladder in its current state is buggy because I honestly needed help and turned to the forums but i really don't like the methods for ladder climbing that the forum has. So I'm going to redo the ladder/climbing mechanics for it.

    As for capx I will have to get back with you I will update the post with a link later. The only real RPG element in the game right now is the Backpack/Inventory, along with the Equip and unequip feature I will add more later like HP/MP

    (will not actually use mana in the game though will be a replacement like energy or something lol)


    Added Health Points and Mana Point Bars.

    For Testing: Added small fire to test HP Bar.

    For Testing: When you strike the test dummy "Mana" depletes.

    sorry for small progress been playing to much GTA V.

  • Added the CAPX for people who want to see how I did something. (Check 1st page)

    It's somewhat organized but not very descriptive sorry for that :P enjoy.

    By the way, all art and animation was made in Construct 2 and sound was made with AS3SFXR also no custom plugins needed.

  • LoganJFord

    Nice! Thanks for the CAPX, I am like a sponge for those right now! Always helpful. Hurry up and beat GTAV I wanna see more of this!

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  • lol thanks I will be working on this more starting next week some time I will push more updates around that time.


    Added a contextual menu system (it's a bit static system however) when using items in the inventory system. (Currently only have the equip option working with the context menu other 2 is to come)

    By the way if anyone wants to take a look how I did it PLEASE don't hesitate to tell me the "Right" way of doing it, because the current state I know must be an inefficient way of doing the context menu.

    Making the context menu was hell for me and not knowing how to structure the code nor know much about the tools at my disposal.

    need to add more weapons/items, next update I will add more items.

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