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  • Hey everyone!

    First post but I'm lurking all the time! I'm proud to finally post a video of my completed iOS/Android game made in C2. It's called Pinball Chef, I've completed it myself within a group of four guys at Fireskies Studios. I made it in 2 months and was the first time I've experimented with doing vector graphics for art. I've got a playable HTML5 demo of it on so that I can hopefully get someone to sponsor it. It's pretty fun to play on the iPad or iPhone, hopefully for younger people but hey, anyone who enjoys it, right?

    Here's the link on our Fireskies Studios YouTube account:

    I'd appreciate any kind of feedback, good or bad so I can improve upon the gameplay. If you'd like to play it you'll have to sign up on (for now, until I sell the game!) Thank you!

    Paul White

    Fireskies Studios

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  • What a good idea and it looks very good.

    Can you post a link to the demo ?

    Have you thought of zooming out when the "ball" is moving fast to see a bigger area ?

    good luck with finding a sponsor.

  • Haha thats a great game idea, brings back old memories of epic pinball. I totaly agree with RamPackWobble, zooming in and out will really change the experience.

  • Hey, thank you! Here's the URL, it's still just through so you'll have to sign up as a previewer in order to play it.

    Pinball Chef (Play on FGL)

    That's a great idea about zoom based on the ball speed, if that seems intuitive I'll incorporate that into the game! Currently you can have a fixed zoomed in view, the variable zoom (that you see in the video) and the full board. The zoom formula so far calculates the distance from the flippers to the ball, zooming out just enough to fit both.

    Epic Pinball! That's my inspiration for this game! IMHO Epic Pinball is THE best pinball game out there to date.

    Thanks for the kind words! PM me if you're having trouble trying to play it on FGL.


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