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    Here is my first HTML5 game made by Construct2. In fact it is a conversion of my the most viewed and played flash game Pick Up Sticks.


    Play Pick Up Sticks


    The game is also playable on iPhone but without sound support of course. I tested it on my device so it is really working on iPhone pretty nice! To install it on your iPhone enter this URL in Safari Mobile browser:




    then tap a button "Add to Home Screen" and restart the game from the home screen to play it in full screen mode.

    I'm also planning to write a tutorial how to make this game by using Construct2. If you are interested in it, here you can read the first part of this tutorial:

    Tutorial: How to make Pick Up Sticks game

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  • Good job on the game and the tutorial.

    I added a link in the how do I FAQ as a released game.

  • Impressive. I always look to see how finished a game is before it is posted and, this is definitely at a completed state. I like to see an opening menu, explanation of game play and a finish state. Your game has it all. It has a very clean look, not too cluttered, with images that are enticing to the player.

    Also, the tutorial is very well laid out and does a good job of describing your workflow. Thanks for posting it for us to learn from.

  • OK, thanks a lot.

    I'll try to keep it the best as I can. I'm planning to add 3 more parts of this tutorial.

  • The game's cool :)

    Love this chinese game.

    I just dislike the music, seems to much elevator tune for this game :)

    maybe a bit more "asian" or no music at all. But it's just me :)

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