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    Text translated from Spanish to English with Google Translator - Original text:

    The project began with the name of Fox Crossing and suffered many changes since its now called PettyPlanet inicio.Finalmente , PettyPlanet First Land specifically in this first title of a project that aims to become a saga mobile game devices and web browsers .

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    Release today in English for Firefox OS and Facebook in English , will also be available on platforms like Android and Tizen in the coming days in the version in English and Espa�ol.Posiblemente have a version for Nintendo Wii U , and we have already contacted Nintendo to access your web Farmework Nintendo program .

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    In this first version of PettyPlanet , we enter into the skin of an alien child who must explore a small world in which receive visits in real time to other players that you can do things like unlock areas of the world that require the company of another player to be unlocked , or bomb them and remove them with bombs or guns to find the planet and increase our achievements of players eliminated in the leaderboards and share their scores on Facebook or Twitter.

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    The game uses a system login through as they been developed using APIs for social functions . We can log into the game through using an existing account , or registering a new account using our Google , Facebook or Twitter.

    Hunting insects to buy items like a small spaceship flying over planet and chat in real time with other users of the game.

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    The game been completely developed in HTML5, and to set a price of $ 1.99 / � 1.89 as a starting price, which lowered vera over the months since this cost is mainly to acquire licenses payment we use the SDK to develop the game .

    Since the project was announced , we received a lot of support and interest from users and is something we want to thank you .

    You can download PettyPlanet First Land for Firefox OS devices in the MarketPlace Firefox or directly by clicking on the link below

    If dispon�is a Firefox OS device you can access the game from Facebook at the following link :

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  • very ambitious! I like

    get lucky!

    where are you from?

  • Thank you very much, we're glad to know that you like the project. I am from Spain. If you have interest in learning about any of our projects in the future, please visit our official blog, although this in Spanish, you can translate it to English translator from the option on the blog.

    A greeting.

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