The Perfect World - Game built in 48 hr GameJam

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  • Hey guys,

    Requesting you to play the game we built in 48hr compo gamejam called "Build Your Own Game".... and give us some valuable feedback.

    Theme was: "Last Man on Earth" + "Lies" (We also built this game as a tribute to the beautiful Earth)


    Please accept the security exception certificate.. we're running on self signed certs as of now :)

    FEEDBACK to be given at -

    Needs a small sign-in ... I am trying to negotiate with the gamejam owners to remove that so people can freely give feedback... but it will be very kind of you guys if you can signin and give us some feedback.

    Please expect bugs :) .. it was a 48 hr RUSH :D

    Half cooked devlog is available at

    Didnt complete the log for lack of time.


    We chose to make an open world RPG , playing a scientist who thinks world is too slow for him. He invents time machine and warps into future where he feels it could be perfect for his level of intellect.

    Instead, he finds himself ALONE, LAST MAN STANDING on an earth destroyed due to industrialization, toxic waste and human causes.

    All his beliefs about how only technology can make life better proves to be a LIE that humans tell themselves.

    His time machine is destroyed unable to hand time warp... he must find tools by exploring the earth to repair his ship and be back to the timeline where he is not alone and Earth is still beautiful and green.

    We made this game as a tribute to the big blue, the beautiful mother Earth which we are destroying at a rapid rate on the name of mankind progress.

    Statutory Warning: Game is buggy as it can be. Gamer may experience slight or heavy attacks of rage playing it :)

    Sound Track Credits: Royalty Free Music under Creative Commons Attribution by NoSoapRadio.

    For any queries, please feel free to buzz me on twitter -

    Will be hoping to see your feedback on this link -

    Thanks a TON for your time, guys and girls.

    Hugs! May your life be full of PowerUps!

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  • Long time, but here's the gameplay video I missed posting


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