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    A fast 3 minutes game. Little penguin is lost. The ice are melting. Help little penguin get to his mother by drawing slopes for the penguin to slide. Avoid obstacles and beware of monsters and AK the red dragon. Survive up to 3 minutes/180 seconds to clear the game and meet mother penguin.

    Suggestions on how to improve the game will be greatly appreciated.

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  • Hey, this is a fun game with nice mechanics. ;]

    There are too many obstacles, you should start easy and get more difficult as you go.

    Also, you should really cut off that intro.

    I know the graphics are placeholders, but try to make them cute and more cohesive. ;]

  • Managed 33 seconds :) LOL! Scratch that... 54 seconds... Got killed by a missile. Slightly unusual :)

    Physics seems quite floaty. I'd try increasing gravity a little bit. Maybe let the penguin rotate so it's sliding down ramps, etc.

  • i was planning to do that also but i made it a 3 minute game as you will clear the game once you reached 180 seconds.

    towards the end there will be even more obstacles such as a flying saucer, a giant snowball and AK the red dragon.

    thank you for your suggestions. how long do you think it will need to get harder as you go? how many seconds until a new obstacles appear? i made it 180 seconds because i don't think anyone would waste on my game for more than 3 minutes haha.

    i'm not good at graphics so it would also be good if someone could help me out.

    thank you

  • i tried using rotate to make it slide down according to the slope but since the slope are not smooth its like up down up down slope (slope made from a 32x32 pixel square) so when i use the rotate it rotate up and down when there is a slope. any suggestions for this?

    i made the game physics a bit floaty so that the penguin could also fly. i will try and increase gravity.

    thank you

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