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    The progression is kinda broken since I focused a lot on the different mechanics, the full source can be found on the repo.

    Mix ingredients and make rituals to buff your allies to protect the caravan while you're travelling.

    How to play:

    Every usefull info can be found with the tooltip

    Hold the left button to fix the tooltip

    Scroll the screen hovering the arrow buttons with the mouse. You allies prioritize whoever is inside your view.

    Click in an item to start a ritual, click in another to combine them and get buffed.

    Whatever the ritual changes will glow, you can check the tooltip to see what stats have changed.

    You need to go as far as you can before dying, That's it for now.

    Under CC3 license you can use all the files in this link in your personal/comercial project as long as you credit back to the github link

    This game was made for the GlobalJam2016 in 48h. I know it's not fully finished but I'm happy witth he ammount of different mechanics I was able to put there without messing the code. The Enemy got kinda rushed there but it's easily fixed with some refactoring.

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