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  • hi everyone,

    Below you can find my game, i am planning to enter newgrounds jam with this. can you try it and give feedback?

    as you can see it is not complete yet. I am demanding advices especially about difficulty. Are levels too hard to solve? Paths are complicated or so simple? Time is too short or too long etc.

    And overall how can I improve it?


    each level you'll see a red path, and when it disappears you are expected to draw the same path exactly, to advance to next level. there is no scoring system yet.

    Not: if you made a mistake there is no undo. (here is why)

    but you can press D (or 2xtap) to restart drawing or press R (or double 2xtap) and restart level with another path (see how to-controls).

    for now there is only 9 levels.

    here is the game

    Thanks in advance

  • when i'm on the first lvl. hitting Restart (R) it restarts 2 different path.

    as far as how you could handle the undo and whatnot.

    The player grid: have you tried setting up an array to match the grid. and set each position to "false" and if touch is over the a specific grid which matches the array position set it to "true" and then add the green tile. and if you touch over the green tile it'll change back to false and remove the green tile.

    while checking if player array matches with the solution array.

  • thanks OrangeTapioca

    I think restart problem is no more. But you'll need to refresh the page several times for changes will be applied when you go to the link (of the updated game) for the first time. (I don't know why)

    But there are so many other bugs anyway.

    As to your solution, I'll try it. Thanks.

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  • if touch is over the a specific grid which matches the array position set it to "true" and then add the green tile.

    problem is I can't figure out how to put a touch condition which is convenient for this. There is "on Nth touch ends" but thats not what I want.

    It must be a "on touch end" condition. If I make a "touch is over (is touching)" condition, then it will change the array value while I am still touching the grid, and it will change it again and again and again.

  • some improvements (time limit mode etc.), still not finished.


  • nearly finished version. only credits and maybe some more levels, music etc. will be added.

    if found any bug please warn me, I'll soon post this to newgrounds jam.

    new working link, others are unavailable at the moment.

    thanks in advance.

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