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  • Hey guys,

    over the past few weeks i have worked on a simple puzzle game. I just uploaded it to GameJolt. I plan to make a special version for the Scirra Arcade in the near future.

    <img src="" border="0">


    <img src="" border="0">

    <img src="" border="0">

    It's really easy to master and creates a classic arcade feeling.

    Every comment, feedback, bug report is highly appreciated.

    So long


  • Cool game, I enjoyed playing it. I have a few points I feel need some work:

    � I should be able to just keep the mouse button down between levels. If feels strange that I have to click again to start the next level, and it breaks the flow of the game.

    � Dragging the mouse to fast may cause you to jump over a block. It only happened once, but it could be solved by creating a sprite between the last block and the current position of the mouse every time it moves a long distance, and then checking if that sprite is over the correct block before considering it as a fowl

    � Maybe improve level generation? I was at level 35+ and a level generated with only 3 blocks...

    � Add music! :)

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  • When i saw the screenshots i thought "damn! its the same game that im doing!" but when i played it, its totally different :D

    I love the art style a lot, sounds and graphics, can be a good mobile game because is fast, simple, beautiful and you need a little time to play.

    P.D.: music now!! :D

  • Hey,

    thank you very much for your awesome feedback :D

    7Soul: you pointed out some good things. There seems to be an overall problem with the mouse detection so I will definitely have to work on that... also level generation has that small prob with getting stuck. I tried to fix that but I probably have to figure out an complete new process to generate the path... it's too random i guess^^

    Music: well i thought nobody mind it that there is no music... but looks like I was wrong^^. I contacted an old buddy of mine who is kind of an indie producer ( keeping it true indie here ;) )... so let's see what we can come up with in the future.

    new update is coming soonish... also with real online scores and stuff ;)

    so stay tuned :D

    so long


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