Particle Constructor (Real-Time Particle Editor)

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  • I was getting frustrated going back and forth to make my particles the way i want them so i made this to help me and thought it might be helpful for some others as well this is very early version of this so bare with me.

    I have so more properties to add and I soon hope to add a way yo add your own image and have some form of multilayer system.

    To use it, just use the sliders to edit the particle and when done you just copy your configuration over to your projects particle properties.

    <font size="5">Try it Here

    Offline Versions:</font>

  • That's fantastic! Very useful tool, much more efficient than tweak-preview-tweak-preview etc...


  • Thanks I want to add a feature so people can add there own image so I'm kinda stumped at the moment lol if anyone has a idea on the direction I can take point me the way


    Added the Remaining properties all functional (Besides Type and Destroy mode)

    The Left panel of option will look similar to the right but will have a scroll page that is to be added later.

  • Man, thank you so much for making this tool!

    I miss particle dsigner so much when creating my parts in C2


    Keep up the good work, it looks good already!

    If you don't manage to import users sprites, some simple presets with round, square, lines, could do the trick enough to be usable for production.

    Thanks again, I'm very glad to see someone making a particle editor.

    Will use FOR SURE if you manage to finish it!

  • Thank you so much. You saved me much time and frustration :)

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  • This looks great. If you could load custom images it would be perfect. Aurel's idea of having some preset shapes is a good idea.

  • Dam nice, this is really useful!

  • Thanks everybody for the compliments and as for user images I have been looking on how to do it not sure yet I was going to make it where the user uses a web link but particles don't have that option like sprites do but I really want to user to use local files rather than being online to do so.

    If anybody knows how send me a message plz :D

    I will upload a desktop version for offline use soon when I get it to where I like it

  • Hey, wow! This is really helpful. Thank you!

  • Not discovered a way to use / load custom images without using web links either, which wouldn't really work for custom images. will let you know if I find anything first as this is an important feature I need for a project of my own.

    Best, Liam

  • Thanks Liam much appreciate it

    As for the custom preset idea on last page, Im taking that into mind expect it in later on


    Added the rest of the new UI art and the left panel can now scroll up and down.


    Going to add the presets when I get around to it but the next update I will have the property panels collapse to view the entire area.


    Added a Presets panel when ever I get around to making them they will be put there and even better if I find a way to change the graphic to the particle.

    Also added the ability to change the direction the particle faces so you can make something like rain drop without using the gravity modifier to achieve this.

  • Nice <img src="smileys/smiley1.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

    This is really useful <img src="smileys/smiley20.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

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