A Parrot Mom That Propagates Her Species All Over The World!

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  • Hi guys, this is the first project that I started in construct 2. Is called Boe Voe that in Albanian means "make eggs".

    It's about a parrot mom that is trying to spread her species by dropping eggs all over the world, and helping her babies grow. Basically the goal is to multiply the Green Birds by dropping an egg in the nest, braking it, and feeding the bird.

    The controls are very simple.

    Use arrows to move Up and Down. And press Z to spawn Eggs, Rocks and Food. I made it so it would automatically change: when the nest is empty spawn an egg, when there's an egg spawn rock, and when it has a bird spawn a food.

    You get 1 Point for every nest you fill, 2 Points for every egg you brake and 3 Points[/color] for every bird you feed.

    Skip the Black Birds, and get those with colored wings to collect eggs, rocks, and food.

    Be very careful from the Red Bird: he is a bullet!


    The game is still in development, I will add other interesting features in the future.

    I would love to hear your opinion on my work, and if you can suggest me websites where I can get some sound effects and background music that match the graphics of my game, you would save my life...

    Please Enjoy and don't forget to rate it!

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  • First of all: nobody will read this block of text without any paragraphs in it. Press Enter from time to time when a new "topic" begins to have a clear structure.

    Second: Don't expect people clicking on an ALL CAPS TITLE. 99% will basically just ignore it when looking at it.

    To the game:

    I found the gameplay and the graphics pretty neat and unique, didn't play a game like that before.

    Although this might be better for a smartphone game, the gameplay as it is now is not very varied and becomes quit boring on the long run.

  • Thank you for playing my game!

    Right now I am working also on an mobile version and i'll publish it when the game is complete, cos it needs some achievement sound effects, and also some variations of obstacles and special powers that would make it more interesting like you said.

    And you're right about the post. Thanx for the advice, I'll change it.

  • Nice little game you have there. I think adding all the things you mentioned would go a long way!

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