Parkor - A simple test-ish game for the fun of it

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  • Version: 1.0

    Are you constantly dreaming of jumping up walls for no good reason?


    Do your friends laugh at you for tripping over your own feet?


    Do you have what it takes to get to the top?


    Then Parkor is for YOU.

    (You're on your own with your friends - suck it up)

    Get to victory as you run, jump, jump some more, and run!


    -Awesome thrilling soundless gameplay! (Sounds to come)

    -A shop just for YOU - Where you can purchase PARKTASTIC perks!

    -A tutorial/sandbox level, for those who don't feel like actually playing the game! (Perks not included in tutorial)

    -Not an infinite runner! (Hoping to achieve this eventually, any help would be wonderful!!)

    NOTE: Looks best if you put your browser into FULLSCREEN.


    And don't you worry your little heart, YES, there will be updates!

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