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  • Made as a warmup game for Ludum Dare 26. If you don't know what Ludum Dare is, check it out, and if you're feeling brave, participate in the next event.

    Anyway, I wanted to test the waters with online features, and challenge myself to create a program in a genre I was unfamiliar with. 48 hours, and 9 colors later, I ended up with Paint Share.

    <center>     </center>

    Paint Share is a simple paint application for creating 20x20 images. What's special about Paint Share is that you're constantly shown a stream of images that other users have created and shared. You can also share an image of your own. Features:

    • Account Creation and log in system. Access your shared image from anywhere.
    • Save images to local webstorage
    • Save a single image to the web. (Requires creating an account) This will share the image with other Paint Share users.
    • A constant stream of other users' shared images

    As of writing this, there are 18 shared images floating around, but I'm hoping a lot more are added. The more images added, the more entertaining the image stream becomes. Controls are relatively simple. The left mouse button does just about everything. The eraser is treated like a color, so you can use it with any of the tools.

    The app is far from perfect (the circle tool is crap), and you may run into some harmless bugs once in a while. Regardless, I'm very happy with how it turned out. I hope you enjoy it. Feedback is welcome:

    <center>Play Paint Share</center><center>Paint Share's Ludum Dare Page</center>

  • i'm making an app that will have painting wondering you you did it i'm looking through the options trying to find the best way

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  • sosensible

    I replied to your other topic regarding the image editing/saving methods I used. Was there any other aspects of the application you had questions about?

    I'd actually upload the capx for you, but the code is a hot mess since I was trying to finish the app in 48 hours.

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