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  • <center> </center>

    I've made this simple paint, it's not a great painting program, just a funny thing. LINK TO THE GAME

    <font size="6">Physics</font>

    <font size="3">W</font>hat differences this one from all the other paints around the internet is that this one has the physics option. Turning it on will make all your painting get the physics behavior.

    <font size="6">Size</font>

    <font size="3">C</font>hosing the size of the brush won't set the painting you will do to the size you chose, it will set the one already done.

    Any tips or ideas, please post :D

  • Hey good idea!

    I had done something in the same genre, but the fact that I can't export the final image was a problem, so I left this idea!

    So, maybe your .paint will be better with an export function, and if the drawing don't change when you change the size of the brush!

    I'll be curious to know if that ideas are possible!

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  • Thanks wilfryed!

    Well, the idea wasn't to change the drawing when you chose a brush size, still that's what happened xD I'll work on changing this :P

    I'm not sure if it's possible to export a image with scirra...But u can use PrintScreen xD

  • Ahah or find a way to simulate that the printscreen is down :D

    Oh and btw, do you use touchscreen control ? For sure that will be good !

  • I'm planning a mobile HTML5 version, would be pretty cool eh?

    But, if you try to draw, it will actually move the screen instead of the mouse, so i'll try to find and alternative way xD

  • You should really look at the canvas plugin, Would make your life allot simpler.


  • Seems cool, maybe i'll try it out... thx :)

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