Pachinko Parlor on Facebook (Feedback please)

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  • Hi all,

    I have just put my game - Pachinko Parlor, out of Sandbox mode on Facebook. Once the game has been accepted by Facebook, you should be able to play the game. Please take a look at the game and leave any comments about game bugs here. I will be putting up a website and press kit for the game soon, including credits and attribution to the background artwork that was used.

    <img src="" border="0">

    Pachinko Parlor was compiled with version 118 and a modified Facebook plugin. More social and game features plus new levels will be added to the game as time goes by.

    You can also head over to the Facebook Community Page and leave any comments that you might have about the game over there -


    Gavin GamesWarp

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  • Here is an article about Pachinko Parlor:


    Gavin GamesWarp

  • The game is now up. Sorry about that, folks!


    Gavin GamesWarp

  • Interesting game, was fun. I was a little unclear about how to start the game right away but once I got going I had a good time. Would love to see it updated with some better artwork, but the functionality is really solid. Great job.

  • Thanks for the positive comments.

    I was running on skinny for the past few months, so I could not get a "tutorial personality" implemented to teach the player how the game is played. I intend to improve the art by getting a freelancer. Yes, most of the artwork is hand drawn by me using Inkscape and Gimp. Backgrounds are royalty free stuff from Stock Free Images (

    As for my last freelancer... well, he found work... sigh**, but then good for him!

    For those who need a quick run-down on how to play:

    Press LMB/RMB to adjust power of your shot, OR,

    Press Left/Right Arrow keys to adjust power of your shot.

    Balls come out at a rate of 1 ball per second (on Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox) - you have no control over this.

    Press "," or "." to nudge the Pachinko machine. Nudge as much as you like!

    If you run out of balls, click on the Gold GW Coin. Ratio is 1 coin gives you 4 Pachinko balls.

    Score balls by getting them into the bonus traps. The jaws for each bonus trap will stay open for a random amount of time.

    Score a large bonus of balls by getting all five bonus traps to open up simultaneously.

    When a ball enters a bonus trap, the jackpot starts rolling. Win GW Coins via the Jackpot. Click on Paytable to see the payout.

    Red collectibles will do strange things like anti-gravity, multiball, freeze, spin all spinners, etc.

    Just updated -

    You get 4 XP for every ball shot on Level 1.

    You get 2 XP for every ball shot on Level 2.

    You get 1 XP for every ball shot from Level 3 onwards.

  • I have completed the full development cycle with a Press Release on GamesPress. Here's the excerpt:

    <font face="Times New Roman, Times, serif">"Just in time for the Chinese New Year and the Year of the Snake, GamesWarp is pleased to announce the release of Pachinko Parlor on Facebook, currently accessible via

    Pachinko Parlor is an action-casino game that simulates the many varied and colorful Pachinko mechanical machines found widespread in Japan. A favorite recreational gaming pastime of the Japanese, this pinball-like game reliant on gravity and a dash of luck has been successfully translated to the Facebook platform in Pachinko Parlor. There is also the anticipated addition of modern day Jackpot game elements, triggered by balls falling into the bonus traps found in each hand-crafted machine. This is a feature that will be sure to please players who love pinball and jackpot action.

    The player starts off by selecting a machine to play from the Lobby and will be issued a starting bonus of GamesWarp (GW) Coins and Pachinko Balls. Once at a machine, he can start shooting balls by adjusting the power knob to control the power of each shot. Balls will keep coming out at a constant rate, and it will be up to the player to adjust the power knob to hopefully guide the Pachinko balls into the 5 bonus traps found in each machine. The Jackpot starts spinning whenever a ball enters a bonus trap, and it is this way that the player can win even more GW Coins.

    Pachinko Parlor may have launched with eight fun machines, but GamesWarp will be adding many more machines over the life of the game. Already slated for release is Machine #9: Nine Candles on February 11, 2013, and Machine #10: Avian Wonder some time later this week. Subsequent updates concerning new machines and features will be put up at The "press release kit" is also available as a series of screenshots for download or sharing at the Community Page on Facebook.

    Pachinko Parlor is currently available on Facebook, with new features planned to be released later sometime in the 1st QTR of 2013. The game is also planned for other platforms at a later date in 2013.

    For more information about Pachinko Parlor, please visit:"</font>

    For those who are still at a learning stage, please take note:


    The stages are sequential because I am flying solo on this project. PR may be injected in earlier though for those "running" with publishers.


    Gavin GamesWarp

  • Updated 13 Feb 2013.

    NEW - Tutorial feature added to Pachinko Parlor. Hina will teach new players how to play the game. Existing players can now access Hina by clicking on the Tutorial button in the lobby.

    NEW - Two new levels: #9 - Nine Candles and #10 - Avian Wonder. Screenshots available here:

    NEW - There is a new kind of barrier pin. When a ball collides, both ball and pin will explode.

    NEW - There is a new bonus trap that acts as a ball sink that the player must avoid.

    UPDATE - Share button added in lobby and main game.

    UPDATE - Community button added in lobby and main game.

    UPDATE - Lobby now has music (featuring Matt Oglesby, of course).

  • Updated 17 Feb 2013.

    NEW - Lobby update with a "carousel" like interface that allows the player to pan left or right to navigate. Once satisfied, he only needs click on the Pachinko machine he wishes to play.

    NEW - Four new levels: #11 - Delicate Lady, #12 - Tasty Sushi, #13 - Flower Power, #14 - Opera Rendition. Screenshots available here:

    UPDATE - Like button added using Pode's HTML iFrame Plugin.

    <img src="" border="0" />

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