[Open Source]Isometric Engine.

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  • This is a isometric engine I've been working on. I'm gonna post the progress on the engine here. Maybe someone will find a better way to do what I did or find a completely new way to do what I did or even better, add new features. and thanks to AllanR for helping me out with the height problem I had.


    Press space to jump.

  • Not sure what you would call that but its certainly not Isometric.

  • Nope, not isometric, but this makes me want isometric tilemap suport and Z sorting so much ~_~

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  • nice little demo - agree not isometric as the view is straight on

  • It is isometric, it's isometric top-down view and thanks.. :)

  • It is isometric, it's isometric top-down view and thanks.. :)

    You can't just invent your own terminology. There is no such thing as top-down isometric. What you have created is a top-down view - nothing more. You have no Z projection for starters! Its a great little effect but its inaccurate to call your engine an Isometric Engine.

    Below is a excerpt from Wikipedia..

    The term "isometric" comes from the Greek for "equal measure", reflecting that the scale along each axis of the projection is the same (unlike some other forms of graphical projection).

    An isometric view of an object can be obtained by choosing the viewing direction in a way that the angles between the projection of the x, y, and z axes are all the same, or 120?.

  • Great example, thanx!

    It will be useful for one of my project. :)

  • Also, thanks for the example, totally gonna help me ;D

  • komalrajsingh, thanks for sharing your code. I like learning how others also organize their code. And, I'm sure I'll learn a little more about C2.

  • You can't just invent your own terminology.

    actually , he can :)

    It might be a bit much to call it an actual isometric engine, but it has an isometric view, granted not the prettiest (thats just graphics), but he has isometric jumping down on objects with heights differences .... if that doesnt resemble isometric ... lol, then Im a frisbee ...

    Isometric view does not mean it has to have actual isometric tiling.

    General isometric approach is an angluar top down view with characters and objects having aproximately a 57 degrees offfset in a top down viewing angle.

    A platform like game, without the platform behaviours .... is still a platform game, right ?


    Great job and nice of you to share :)

  • Replace graphics the boxes to iso boxes and edit direction movement for player, it's isometric after all, think before you judge, this is useful example!

  • <img src="http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/4/41/Graphical_projection_comparison.png" border="0" />

    Bottom most right, i'm sorry it's an oblique projection. I didn't remember the term so I called it isometric as the engine can be used for isometric game aswell. If I offended you in anyway, I'm really sorry.

    KaMiZoTo: First, I love your game CoinOp story. I've been playing it at work and i'm loving it. I myself plan to make a game as polished as yours and you're welcome. :)

    : You're welcome.. :)

    danialgoodwin: No problem, that's what community is for. For sharing and helping each other out.

    lennaert: thanks.. :)

    Joannesalfa: Thanks.

    I hope this engine grows beyond what I've done. As, i'm not the best programmer, even with drag and drop. Hope people take this as a stepping stone and make their own engine and then share it.

  • After seeing the example, it?s a really really clever way of doing isoblique-whatever ;D

    Would you do an example with iso perspective like diablo, if you?re able? ^^

  • Reminds me of Q-Bert ;o)

  • : Sorry, for replying so late. I think you do it easily. The diablo type collision. You just have to change the collision shape to what you want. If you still can't do it, let me know.

    Btw, I love you pixel avatar.

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