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  • If you want, please feel free to expand and repost.

    I found a bug earlier that kept me from jumping, but I couldn't duplicate it when I restarted the project.

    I am also hoping others might come along and clean up some code, I'm so scatterbrained with these sort of things that I'm afraid I may have something in the wrong place that I'm missing.

    Remember this is very very incomplete and still requires extensive work on it.

    <font size="5">DOWNLOAD HERE</font>

    <font size="4">


    Arrows = Moving around, down crouches, moving while crouching crawls.

    W = Backflip/Dash

    A = Attack (N and M change weapon types to demonstrate his various ways of using items.)

    S = Jump

    D = Defend


    Thank you for your comments and considerations.

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  • WOWOWOWOW Thanks for this man, So glad i bought the license even if scirra didn't give me the achievement :(.

    But cool!!

  • NP. Just ask one of the admins (I'm terrible at names) and they'll get your badge to you. I signed up under one email bought it with another, which is how my problem with the badges came up.

  • I'm sorry to bother you I'd like to try this out but it seems the link is suspended.

    Error (429)

    This account's links are generating too much traffic and have been temporarily disabled!

    Would you mind using Google drive Mega / Onedrive or another host?

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