Onna - A short game about honor

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  • Hello, we made this game in a jam past month, the theme was Plot Twist.

    Our plot twist is in the end.


    Arrows to move

    Space to attack

    Z to block




    <img src="http://sleepysheepy.com/blog/wp-content/uploads/2013/09/onna00.png" border="0">

    <img src="http://sleepysheepy.com/blog/wp-content/uploads/2013/09/onna02.png" border="0">


  • Sheepy Very nice looking! I tried to play in Chrome but the background was missing. Worked Great in IE though! Love the graphics, played very well!

  • damainman Thank you for playing ^^ I�m not sure why the background bugs happen on chrome, going to investigate further ;3 Did you manage to reach the end(players told us the game is way to difficult because of the controls ~_~)

  • Sheepy I haven't finished it - but I do know what they are talking about. I just did a quick but thorough bug test and found there are a few bugs in the controls. I'll add some suggestions to make it feel more fluent to!

    -Animations aren't happening when attacking: When you hit the attack button, the sound will happen but no action. If you are trying to attack an enemy when this happens, you die.

    -If you press the attack button in succession to fast, the animations don't play out. Therefore your weapon doesn't extend and you die.

    -Block doesn't always happen when you press the block button.

    -If you press attack or block while walking nothing happens. Suggestion: disable left and right movement and do action instead of walk.

    -Jumping is to high but not far enough, you don't know where you are going to land. That was one thing I caught right at the start. I thought I was going to make a jump over a hole but fell quickly onto another level and was immediately stabbed. I think maybe slowing down the jump - less height and being able to go a little further would be fantastic here!

    Now I am also a hardcore platform freak and will jump where no man has jumped before. But for the average player, they don't get it. If they don't see where to jump they don't know what to do.

    The one thing I would do is assign the attacks to just attack button and maybe attack+up or something to let you hit your target precisely. And the forward thrust needs to be extended just a tad (maybe not if the attack bug is fixed!). It looks like I'm hitting the badguys right in the face sometimes then I'm stabbed for my trouble.

    I've got a rhythm down to not get hit for the most part but when the attack animation fails, there's not much you can do about that!!

    Hope that was helpful!!!

  • The animations in game are really well made, but I think the lead characters jump is a bit to high. Its also a bit hard at times to "time your hits" on your opponents (unless this is the core feature so your forced to block more) but other then that its well made, nice job. <img src="smileys/smiley20.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

  • Thank you for your feedback damainman, those are really useful suggestions! ;]

    And thank you everybody that played ^^

  • Love it. A few remarks.

    • the jump a bit odd, like said damainman.
    • it's a shame with such a weapon, the range isn't more big. The first time I killed my enemy, I was kind of surprised. Like 'Oh, really, that was my attack?'
    • I really love the ambiance, sounds, and animations. This is very very well executed. There's only one point that annoys me, it's the jump animation. The character is straight like a wood plank. What a shame. I know you made the game in a very quick time, but that's just a suggestion. You can do lot better for this jump animation :p

    Anyway, great work, I love to see it at another level of advanced work.

  • Thank you Zav for your feedback, it?s very important to us ^^

    For our next game we?ll keep all this on mind, it was our second platform game ever, so we are still learning the ropes, hahah

  • Looks really nice. As mentioned above though, the gameplay could use some polish. The attack isn't satisfying enough and it doesn't feel very responsive. I definitely think it's worth making the improvements as it looks so nice.

  • Thanks for the feedback megapowerskills We are actually waiting for the next version with the tile mapper to start working on platformers again.

    I?ve got lots of trouble on how would I go to create a state machine for the animations in Construct 2, is there any simpler way to do that?

  • Very nice, very difficult, I like it ^^

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  • Thank you ^^

  • LOVE the graphics!

    Reminds me of Budokan (An old games)

    Did I mention that I LOVE the graphics? :)

  • Thanks mwmdragon, I didn�t know Budokan but Karateka was one of our main inspirations ^^

    Graphics are by my lovely gf, you can see more of her stuff at our site: sleepysheepy.com

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