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  • I built a space Side Scrolling Shooter, trying to rescue the old good games we used to play in Megadrive and Sauturn!

    The music was made by me and my girlfriend. We're both music students.

    I built it using free sprites too.

    So check out the results you can get spending nothing!

    <font color="red"><font size="3">

    One Life Left!


    Just hold the 'Z' or 'Space Bar' and focus on destroying the towers to win the game.

  • I'm planning continuing the development making some changes here and there and adding some new game modes.

    Any ideas or suggestions will be welcome!

  • I like, the only thing confuse me is why the score and tht time text

    are pixellated graphics if the other are not pixelated

  • I didn't really though about it. Just found some nice fonts and put them in the game.

    Already written in my TODO list.


  • The game is my first one. So if you could help me improve it telling me what could i change, add or remove, I will really appreciate!

    It's participating the's 'Got Game' competition too.

  • I've used Hexels Free (thanks justifun for the tip), a nice little program, to make some grid arts for the Title Menu and Game Over screen.

    I'm not an visual artist, but i could get some really nice effects with not much time playing around it.

    It's a worth try!

  • I'm working on a mobile version.

    If anyone has any comments or think something may be better another way, please tell so i can prepare it for the next release (coming this month yet!).

  • I suggest adding a health bar to the towers or otherwise indicating that hitting them actually does something.

    The first time I played, I had no idea if hitting the towers was doing any damage to them.

  • Health bar for the towers is a great idea. Makes it more visual for the player!

    I think i can implement it for this coming version.

    Thanks Excal.

  • The Steam group "Small Dev Talk", which i participate, has made a small video review of the game.

    If you're interest knowing what was the reviewer thoughts on the game, click the link below:

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  • A new version of the game is available.

    Some bugs were fixed and new features and improvements were made.

    Touch were implemented and it's also working on mobile (for testing).

    Enjoy this new version! And tell me what you think.

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