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  • (The game was approved on GreenLight!!!)

    Play the Short Demo on

    Official Page: http://www.zombie-apoc.com

    Author comments:

    The game was approved on GreenLight!!! Thank you everyone who believe on my work and keep following the game!

  • Far out, great progress, i wish to see this game fully developed.

    I sent you a PM about a music composer!

  • Thank you!

    I added the Steam Green Light link inside the first animation.

    If you liked the game and feel good in help me to include the game on Green Light, please, vote UP!

    About the language, the game will be released in Portuguese and then translated by a professional to english.

  • Congrats on finishing it.

  • Thank you!

    Some new screenshots...


    The First Post Was Updated!


    The game is now available on Clay.io for just US$0.99 dollars

  • Looks like my kind of game, just wish I had 59p to spend <img src="smileys/smiley36.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

    Oh well, payday friday, will be downloading this!

  • Looks like my kind of game, just wish I had 59p to spend <img src="smileys/smiley36.gif" border="0" align="middle">

    Oh well, payday friday, will be downloading this!

    It's just US$0,99 dollars for the android version, buying the game will help me to buy a hotdog to keep working =D

    Thank you ReanimtedNerd!


    I had to edit this post to say that one of the actors, Rafael (in pt-BR) had a heart attack, I'm worried about him, let's hope for the best.


    The PC Version of the game is now FREE.

    You can play it visiting the web site zombie-apoc.com.

    I hope everybody enjoy!


    First post updated.

    The game is downloadable now on Desura, for Free! Enjoy!

  • Nice graphics and simple but nice one scene gameplay. I like it so far. And i guess you start a new trend my friend http://impactjs.com/forums/games/gods-will-be-watching-ludum-dare-26-entry

    Congratulations, hope to see new games. May be a long lasting adventure :)

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  • I'm about to start working on the game again. My child is near to complete 1 year and the full script is done and I'm learning some new techniques of drawing, like Comics, manga, etc, to help in the development.

    Soon Steam Games will have a high quality piece of art with soul, pixels and flavor of old school adventure.

    The full game will miss the actual style to bring cinematic, puzzles / mini games and a SCUMM format.

    I hope to come here in two or three months to share some new screenshots of the scenarios, tips, etc.

    If you played the game at this time, and play the full game, you'll understand everything and will be surprised by the immense story arc, to leave the group on the river corner.

    Oh, also, the game will be made with the same passion I did the showcase, and will be made firstly for myself, for my pleasure, and after, when finished and satisfied, you'll be able to play it on Steam, GooglePlay, Mac and iOS.

    It's all for now folks, see you soon!

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