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    "Octo is an Octoflop, born to stay on land with his fellows. His dream always was to reach the skies one day, a hard task without wings. But having no ways to fly doesn't mean that he can't try!"

    "Octoflops can Flap" is a game developed for Itch.io's Flappy Jam. As one can imagine, the goal was to reference the notorious and controversial Flappy Bird with some hard gameplay and a famous game reference. This was not only my first Jam entry ever, but it's also the first game I complete with Construct2 (that I've started to learn a couple weeks ago).

    I tried my best on my limited availability to make a game that feels complete and playable, and can also offer some kind of reward for the player insistence.




    They should be self explanatory, but just in case.

    Left click or Up Arrow Key makes Octo ascend when trying to fly. In the score menu, Left Click or Up Arrow Key can advance and replay the stage, while Right Click or Down Key can be used to return to the main menu.


    Left and Right click can change your character in the main menu. Extra characters and upgrades can be unlocked with points accumulated during the gameplay. Don't forget to use the save button if you wish to keep your progress!

    Thanks for the attention and have fun (or not) !

    I just want to make sure to credit Jayster again, for the awesome music he produced and I'm using.

  • Hi,

    the grafics are awesome but I think it is too hard. My best score is 2 and I played half an hour.

    Good work

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  • Nice games

  • Fun game 145!

  • Fun game!

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  • GFX are awsome.

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