Not a game but a small utility to edit Array

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  • It's not a game but an utility to edit array (in x, y, z).

    You can create an array from scratch or upload an existing json.

    To scroll in the table you need to click in the scroll bar (they don't work with mouse wheel). The list in the top left is used to navigate in the depth of the array (z).

    The export button allow you to download the resulting json.

    There's some bugs remaining so save your json before editing them and share the bugs you find. Hope it's useful.

    Ce n'est pas un jeu mais un petit utilitaire pour éditer les "arrays". Il permet d'en créer un nouveau ou d'en ouvrir un existant à partir d'un fichier json.

    Il faut cliquer sur les barres de défilement pour naviguer à l'intérieur d'un tableau plus grand que la page. La liste en haut à gauche permet de nagiguer sur l'axe Z de l'array.

    Le bouton export permet de télécharger le fichier json correspondant à l'array.

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  • Very useful! But pressing the "export" button won't work in the Scirra arcade.. would you mind sharing the .capx too?

    Thanks for sharing!

  • I just put the capx on the arcade. For the export on scirra arcade it's a bit strange, it seems to only work with firefox... If someone find why I'll be happy to know.

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