This is not a game! but can u make better? AI

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  • This is my first try to make something AI but i dont found nothing about Ai in Construct 2 in internet please help me to kae better this.


    1.-Queen, spawns all kid of ants depends what she need

    2.-Colectors, they take the food

    3.-Soldier, fight to protect the colony searching enemys an trying to evade bullets.

    4.-Nurse, when shee somebody HP is low they give some food and recovery 1hp

    5.-Enemys, spawns randomly and have first mission to find the queen but if he found anyone try to kill them.

    6.-Everyone have his own HP and only can take 1 food at the same time.

    I want to make this better i dont speak english but im trying to find people in spanish forum but i dont found nothing.

    here is the File :

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