ARE YOU NOT ENTERTAINED!? "Gladiator Guts" Release is here!

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2D fighting template based in the game that defined the fighting games genre.
  • Fight your way to the top through a path of blood and glory in this fast paced Gladiator game. An accessible combat experience which will take plenty of time to master. Fight with or against your friends and drench the arena in their blood. See how long you can survive alone or with an ally against hordes of dynamic AI Gladiators! Will you rise a champion or fall as food for the dogs in Human Studios debut game ‘GLADIATOR GUTS’!

    • 1-4 Players
    • Plenty of Guts
    • Hundreds of randomly generated Gladiators
    • Truly skillful combat

    I couldn't have done it without the hundreds of tutorials I read to get me here. I actually finished this game about 6 months ago but unsucessfully attempted to sell the license on Despite getting a 7.5 review score it seems no sponsors were biting at my interpretation of gladiatorial combat!

    Thanks to the Construct 2 Community. I hope you guys can get some enjoyment out of this!

  • Oops, nice work!

  • Good fun

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  • Thats very ingenious I really like it. That would be great as a mobile game as well with touch. I love the slow motion as you come in. Very easy to pick up and play and I could defiantly see someone take a long time to master it but still very accessible to pick up and play. I really would recommend that as a mobile version with in app purchases I think that would do really well. Great job .

  • Thanks for you feedback guys!

    I did try a mobile version a few months ago but the performance of the export options at the time limited it it around 10-20 frames per second where it really needs a minimum of 30-60 to play nicely. I'll try again soon though with the improvements made to the exporters.

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