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    This is a new game due to its release date on Google Play Store and also made by Construct 2.


    In here you will find yourself as a Noodle Boss who are offering an opportunity to people.

    The opportunity you offer is becoming a seller of a noodle.

    The gameplay is about you controlling each noodle booth to earn money for each of that booth.

    Noodle that you will sell here is different from each other, so each booth is unique.

    Each booth have to reach its own certain amount of money to buy new booth and upgrading its own booth.

    Tapping is the only option to earn money and you have to tap the booth to earn money.

    Booth that are available is up to 5 booths. So, with many booths you will have to controll them one by one by tapping them.

    At this stage, there is only one level but I will add a new level as the update is neccesary.

    So, after all I wish you will have a good time try playing the game.

    It's fun to kill the boring time,

    But it could kill your fingers, too

    Please rate and review it.

    Thank you.


    If any of you have ever asked why the image is like that, I have the answer.

    The game code was made by me, of course, but the game images was made and drawn by a 10 years old girl who is still in 4th grade of elementary school.

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  • It's a good game but you could improve it for example giving it more stores and better graphics but its a good thematic, friend could you help me too? I did a game and its called Wardens' Legend and its on google play too

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